Best Kannada Wedding Photography

Weddings in the state of Karnataka are mostly simple affairs, focused mainly on traditional rituals and less of pomp and show. Kannadigas prefer to adhere to age old traditions when it comes to weddings. The rituals vary slightly in different regions and among various communities of Karnataka, but the basic structure of the entire event remains the same. Kannada weddings are relatively short and share many rituals with neighboring states like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Kannada weddings generally take place during the daytime and are comparatively short 1-2 days event. MoonWedlock Wedding Comapny provides best and attractive wedding photography packages especially for the Kannada Weddings.

Kannada Wedding

Largely seen in the south Indian states of Karnataka, the Kannada wedding is a typical example of the deep-rooted cultural heritage that the Indians follow as part of wedding ceremonies. Kannada weddings are blissful events, mostly happens during the daytime. It is quite a pretty affair where you get to see colorful and fascinating ritualistic practices followed by the Kannadigas (Kannada people).

The Kannada wedding ceremonies are somewhat similar to other south Indian weddings, but mostly the wedding rituals continue for 1 to 2 days. Instead of lavish reception, Kannadigas prefer the wedding to be a vibrant ceremony celebrated in the presence of close relatives and friends. There are pre-wedding, wedding and, post-wedding rituals associated with Kannada wedding ceremonies.