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MoonWedLock : team of excellent and professional photographers with unique style. Specialized in wedding photography, Kerala wedding photography, Event Photography and candid wedding photography. We tell your unique love story through a aesthetic string of photos and mesmerizing video. We do wedding videography service and photography places in various parts of Kerala – India and Middle East.

Wedding photographers in Trivandrum

We are the best wedding photographers in Trivandrum, passionate about lovely weddings and wedding photographs! We create evergreen memories with strikingly artistic shots and perfect angles. At Moonwedlock, we offer the best professional wedding photography and videography services in Trivandrum with the top wedding photographers in Kerala.

Top Wedding Photographers in Kerala

Every couple has a unique story to tell, let it be an arranged or love marriage. Our team of Uber-talented wedding photographers capture it in the best possible style so that they can cherish those priceless moments even after several years. Every frame has a tale to tell, and our Moonwedlock Stories are the memories we make to last a lifetime.

Finding the Best Wedding Photographers in Palakkad

Moonwedlock wedding company is one of the best wedding photographers in Kerala. We have been noted as the best wedding photographers in Palakkad. We are a bunch of enthusiastic, creative photographers, videographers, editors, and designers who are all working together to bring magic to the most memorable event of your life, “The Wedding”. With over six years of experience, our expert and dedicated crew intend to capture the emotions, the vows, and the magnificence of your wedding to chronicle your wedding story perfectly.

Hiring the best Pre-wedding photographers in Kerala

Pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots have already gained popularity among couples nowadays. A pre-wedding shoot is the most excited and fantastic part of the wedding as it creates a comfortable environment for the couple before their wedding to spend time together. MoonwedLock is one of India’s premier wedding cinematography and photography companies based in Kochi, Kerala. We provide budget-friendly and best pre-wedding photography services in Kerala and all across India.

Finding the best wedding photography in Kochi

Kochi being the financial capital of kerala, is one of the most happening places for luxury and destination weddings. Kochi hosts 500+ premium weddings every month. Every individual wants to have all his or her memories turn into unique experience. Necessity of events being covered by creative professionals is that anybody can do an event, irrespective of whether the event turned out to be good or bad. The only factor that will make a difference is the element of creativity and professionalism.

Finding the best wedding photographers in Kottayam

Sandwiched between the Vembanad Lake and the western Ghats, Kottayam is a metropolis inside the Indian kingdom of Kerala. Having a prime position in the flavour map of Kerala, It is known for mouth-watering local delicacies. Kottayam christian wedddings often revolves around frothy white clothes, tons of flora, and lovely flower women. Subtle and stylish, they are imaginative and prescient in monochrome.

Best Wedding Live Streaming Services in Kerala

Live wedding telecast will make sure your guests get to have that unparalleled experience. It’s for your friends and families who couldn’t make it to your Wedding. Friends can join in on the fun by watching online. You might have guests living abroad or across state lines, loved ones who are unwell, or guests unable to travel. Let your family and friends feel like they are at your Wedding. Live streaming your Wedding is also a great way to record, save, and backup your Wedding. There’s no denying that the internet is the future medium for reaching out to everyone, everywhere.

Best Pre-Wedding Photographers in Kerala

MoonWedLock is one of the best wedding photographers in Kerala. Our professionalism and commitment helped us to secure a warm place in the hearts of people. You can have a glimpse of our gorgeous works here. We use different props and styles to capture the stunning pictures in pre wedding. MoonWedLock feature a couple in love and provide affordable pre wedding shoots.

Best Kerala Wedding Photography

Choosing the best wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make because photography of your wedding is about so much more than the day itself. It is a tangible takeaway of life’s most sentimental events! When you are staring at pictures years down the road, they will take you back and allow you to live moments and feelings again and again.

100+ Lockdown Weddings

Dark times ascended on us when the covid pandemic established itself in our lives during the first quarter of 2020. The lockdown was a blow right on our knees.  Like for most, it was a totally new situation that we had to deal with, something we did not experience before. We had events scheduled throughout the months at various south Indian states and suddenly everything was at a stand still, no one knew when things would start moving, no one knew if it would start moving ever. Times filled with doubts about the very core of our life.

4 Tips to Choose the Perfect Photographer for Your Event

You have an event coming up soon. What are the top five things that you need to consider right away? Venue, food and catering, invitations, music, and… that’s right – a photographer! Not just any photographer, though. You want one that actually knows what he is doing because the memories of that event are going to be special. Here’s the problem with that: When you search for photographers or studios or wedding companies online, you get hundreds of search results. Try searching for the best wedding photography service in Kerala alone and you’ll get at least fifty! Social media showcases piles of beautiful photos and videos. For someone who has no clue about photography and just wants a professional service, this can be really confusing.

Wedding Photography – The Story Beyond a Few Clicks and a Short Video

What do you see on the page of most wedding photography companies? A couple of well edited pics and a short video of 1-2 minutes or a highlights video of 5-8 minutes, right? Here’s the thing, though: A brand that showcases only the best of their work is not necessarily a company that takes care of their client. This small collection has enough memories to last you a lifetime – every tiny detail of your most special day in a few frames. But that’s not really the whole story. Sure, photographers and videographers will try to capture your entire story in a short video. But what about their story?

15 Reasons Why Grooms Need Grooming

The wedding day is a special day for all brides and grooms when they present themselves as an official couple in front of a big crowd. Do you actually think that grooming is important only for the brides? If yes, then you are absolutely wrong. This is Ajay from Ajay’s MakeOver Artistry and I’m a professional makeover artist in Kerala. Not only have I worked with celebrities, I have also performed wedding makeovers for hundreds of couples over the last few years. I’ve worked with some of the best wedding photographers in Kerala and they all say the same thing – grooms don’t have enough grooming.