Say 'I Do' to Beautiful Photos: Answers to Your Top Wedding Photography Questions

1) Where is MoonWedlock (MWL) based?

We are based in Kochi & Coimbatore, and we travel all across the world to shoot weddings & events.

2) Is MWL into Wedding Planning or Just Coverage?

Currently we are only into coverage (photos and videos) but having worked with some of the top wedding management teams, we are happy to suggest some names at no extra costs. An inspired management and decor team naturally act as embellishments for a beautiful shoot!

3) How much does your package cost?

Most of the budgeting variables depend upon the size and type of the wedding. Each wedding film is customisable starting from 1.2Lakh and we take into consideration a lot of factors including your story, personality and how much of the wedding you want to remember. The cost also depends upon the size of crew and is inclusive of other talent. Added services such as a personalised soundtrack, aerial videography and any other special requirements would be an additional cost. Having said that, each wedding is unique and your films could cost a little less, or much more. Regardless of the type of wedding, we strive to treat each one with the poignancy and grandeur it deserves. Write to us and we’ll do our best to make it work for you.

4) How big is your crew? Will a reduction in crew affect the cost?

Our Photographs & Films are tailored to your wedding, and so is our crew.
We wouldn’t compromise on production value so you can trust our instinct on how many people you would need.

5) How long are your films?

The duration of the film is dependent on many factors including the structure of events at the wedding and the kind of memory you want. We have made wedding films that are anywhere between 15-90 minutes. To know more contact us.

6) Are the prices negotiable?

We try our best to fit you in our pricing packages, but making films is a difficult and expensive activity and we do not like compromising on our equipment or talent!

7) Do you guys travel?

Yes we do! All over the world in fact, but you’ll have to get us there and give us a place to sleep! We could be in your country when your big day is near!