Our Unplanned Adventure into Love Stories: The MoonWedlock Tale

Our Unplanned Adventure into Love Stories: The MoonWedlock Tale

Meet ArKay (Ranjith Kumar), the brains and heart behind MoonWedlock Wedding Company. A science graduate turned financial whiz, he never expected to dive into the vibrant and, let’s face it, super competitive world of wedding photography and filming.

In his own words, “You don’t choose art; art chooses you.” And that’s exactly what happened to ArKay. His journey began with a business mindset, but it quickly transformed into a magical dance between art and real love stories.

ArKay found himself in an industry bursting with creativity, and he thought, “Why not fill in the gaps and give young couples exactly what they want?” Little did he know; this philosophy would lead him to success beyond his wildest dreams.

“I never imagined this industry would bring me so much joy and success. But here we are, creating art from the happiest moments in people’s lives,” he says, acknowledging the overwhelming support from our amazing clients.

At MoonWedlock, we stand out for being more than just creative – we’re here to make your dreams come true. ArKay became not just a photographer and filmmaker but also a director of unforgettable love stories. And here’s our secret sauce – we never failed to satisfy not just the couple but their families too. It’s this commitment that has made our journey uniquely successful.

Join us in celebrating the unplanned adventure that became MoonWedlock Wedding Company – where passion met the purpose, art found its home in the love stories we capture, and satisfaction knows no bounds.