MoonWedlock best wedding photography in kerala

Grandeur of New Beginnings Celebrated

Immortalizing joyous moments from your splendid reception
MoonWedlock best wedding photography

Unfolding Tales of Love and Union

Precious moments from your special day, elegantly encapsulated
MoonWedlock premium wedding photography

Joyful Spectrum of Haldi Moments

Recollect the vibrant hues and merriment of Haldi.
Smiling Souls: Anjori and Rudi’s Divine Jain Wedding Photography Hyderabad

Joyful Unison: Divine Jain Wedding Photography

Capturing Smiling Souls in Timeless Moments
MoonWedlock wedding photography in india

Cherishing the Dawn of Togetherness

Enshrining the first steps of your enchanting journey.

Experience the visual splendor of Indian weddings through our lens. From the vibrant colors of the attire, to the intricate decorations, to the joyous expressions of the guests, we will capture it all in stunning photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime

Our Highlights

Cinematic Wedding Films & Photography

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Artfully Crafting Enduring Narratives

When you choose MoonWedlock, you’re choosing the pinnacle of wedding photography. Our commitment to excellence shines through each frame, elegantly transforming your special occasions into enduring visual stories. We invite you to experience the majestic moments we’ve expertly crafted, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to capturing the heart of your celebrations.

Best Hindu Wedding Photography
Best Christian Wedding Photography of Evlin & Sambel at Thrissur
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Capturing Moments, Creating Memories Affordably

At MoonWedlock, we seamlessly blend sophistication with affordability by leveraging the latest advancements in photography and videography technology. Our cutting-edge tools aren’t just equipment; they’re the key to weaving your story and making timeless memories accessible to you. With MoonWedlock, quality and affordability converge, making us the go-to choice for premium wedding photography.

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Your Personalised Love Story Comes Alive

MoonWedlock excels in shaping dream-like experiences that are in tune with the current trends of pre and post-wedding photography. We understand that each love story is unique and deserves a backdrop to match. With your inputs, we orchestrate pre and post-wedding shoots that align with your vision, forming the ideal canvas for your love story to flourish amidst the wedding frenzy.

Post Wedding Photography
The Mumbai Melody of Gowtham and Swetha's Tamil Hindu Wedding
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From Pixels to Print, Your Story Preserved

At MoonWedlock, we believe in transforming your digital memories into tangible keepsakes. Our customised photo books, encompassing precious snapshots of your celebration, and high-resolution digital albums, are crafted to endure the passage of time, much like your love. Trust MoonWedlock to immortalise your journey in a medium that’s as distinctive as your love story.

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Our Team, Your Storytellers

At MoonWedlock, we believe in the power of people. Our unyielding team of seasoned professionals work relentlessly to craft stunning visual narratives, ensuring every detail is perfected. By establishing open communication and making meticulous preparations, we ensure your memories are in the hands of the most reliable storytellers in the industry.

premium Christian wedding photography of Arjun & Joythi
Best Wedding Photography Kerala
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Honouring Our Commitments

We understand the essence of time at MoonWedlock. Our prompt post-event procedures, facilitated by an efficient core team, ensure your cherished moments are delivered on schedule. By maintaining continuous dialogue, we guarantee a smooth process, mutually agreed upon and followed through. Trust us to uphold our commitments, ensuring your experience with us is as memorable as the stories we capture.
crafted, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to capturing the heart of your celebrations.