A Kaleidoscope of Love: Carmen and Abik's Unforgettable Wedding Journey​

Carmen & Abik​

March 2023, Kerala

Amidst the picturesque beauty of Kochi, Kerala, Carmen and Abik embarked on a mesmerizing wedding journey, blending their hearts and cultures in a joyful union. Let’s unfold their enchanting tale through their wedding and reception moments.


In a quaint church adorned with fragrant blooms, Carmen and Abik stood before their loved ones, their hearts overflowing with love. Carmen, a vision in a dark pink silk saree, radiated elegance, while Abik exuded charm in his sleek black suit. The sacred ceremony was filled with heartfelt vows, sweet melodies, and the blessings of their families. Each photograph captured the essence of their love, immortalizing their union.


As the sun set, the celebration continued at a lavish reception. Abik donned a crisp white shirt, complementing Carmen’s ethereal white gown. The venue sparkled with soft lights, enchanting décor, and the joyful laughter of their guests. Carmen and Abik glided across the dance floor, their love igniting the atmosphere. Every photograph embraced their smiles, the warmth of their embrace, and the euphoria that permeated the night.

As the night drew to a close, Carmen and Abik’s wedding journey remained etched in their hearts, their love story forever immortalized through the lens of MoonWedlock.

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