A New Chapter Begins: A Wedding Story

Evlin & Sambel

September 2022, Thrissur

Best Christian Wedding Photography of Evlin & Sambel at Thrissur


The sun rose on a perfect day for a wedding. Family and friends gathered together to witness the union of two souls becoming one. The bride and groom stood before the altar, ready to take the next step in their journey together. The ceremony was filled with words of wisdom, hope, and blessings for the newlyweds. As they exchanged their vows and rings, the couple’s love shone brighter than the sun. The reception was a joyous celebration of their commitment, with delicious food, heartfelt speeches, and dancing that lasted well into the night. As the stars twinkled in the sky, the couple departed for their new life together, with hearts full of love and hope for the future.

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