Sunrise Serenade: A Beachfront Ballet of Love, Swathi and Nirmal's Beach Pre-Wedding Photography

Swathi & Nirmal

May 2023, Alleppey

Pre-Wedding Photography of Swathi and Nirmal at Beach for Moon Wedlock Website

Swathi and Nirmal chose the first light of dawn for their pre-wedding photography session. And why not? Just as a new day begins with the morning sun, their new life was about to begin with their wedding.


Moon Wedlock’s team arrived at the beach when it was still a bit dark. The cool morning air, the quiet waves, and the soft sand set the perfect scene for Swathi and Nirmal’s pre-wedding photography.

Swathi looked radiant in a simple dress, while Nirmal sported a relaxed beach look. The couple wanted their pre-wedding photography to capture natural, candid moments, and the early morning beach was the perfect setting for this.

As the sun slowly started to rise, the first shots were of them taking a peaceful walk, leaving behind a trail of footprints. Their shadows, long and playful, added a beautiful touch to the pre-wedding photography.

The highlight of the session was when Nirmal twirled Swathi around. The joy, the laughter, the pure love—it was all captured perfectly by the Moon Wedlock team for their pre-wedding photography.

The shoot concluded with the two of them seated on the sand, gazing at the sun, sharing dreams of their future. This moment, captured for their pre-wedding photography, was a simple yet powerful testament to their love.

Through Moon Wedlock’s lens, Swathi and Nirmal’s early morning beach moments weren’t just pictures. They were memories, beautifully captured for eternity. And this is what pre-wedding photography is all about—capturing moments, making memories.

Photography: MoonWedLock Wedding Company, Kochi
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