Speeding Hearts: Sankar & Abhirami's Pre-Wedding Photography on Dubai's Desert Roads

Sankar & Abhirami

June 2023, Dubai

Speeding Hearts: Sankar & Abhirami's Pre-Wedding Photography on Dubai

When it comes to capturing love, some go for fairy tales while others aim for an adrenaline rush. Sankar and Abhirami chose the thrill of a Dubai desert road and a sleek red supercar for their pre-wedding photography, making every snapshot a frame of excitement and romance.


Our Moon Wedlock team couldn’t have been more pumped about this Dubai-based pre-wedding photography session. The setting was unlike any other—a barren desert road stretching as far as the eye could see, and a fiery red supercar that echoed Sankar and Abhirami’s passionate love.

Both were dressed casually, proving that when it comes to love, comfort can be as stylish as extravagance. Their relaxed demeanor allowed their true selves to shine through in the pre-wedding photography, making each photo a genuine reflection of their relationship.

The shoot started with them leaning against the supercar, the vast desert around them. The contrast between the car and the empty landscape added a unique touch to the pre-wedding photography.

After capturing some scenic shots, they hopped into the supercar. With Sankar at the wheel and Abhirami beside him, the car roared down the desert road. Our team did an incredible job capturing the speed and thrill, making it an essential part of their pre-wedding photography.

But the most unforgettable shots were clicked as the sun set over the Dubai desert. The couple stepped out of the car, and as the sky changed colors, they held each other close. It was a quiet moment amid all the excitement, and it rounded off the pre-wedding photography session beautifully.

This wasn’t just another photo shoot; this was Sankar and Abhirami’s love story told at 100 mph. Each frame from this pre-wedding photography session was a testament to a love that’s as thrilling as it is deep.

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