The Pastel Dream: Mariam & Vivek's Enchanting Engagement

Mariam & Vivek

The Pastel Dream: Mariam & Vivek's Enchanting Engagement

Mariam and Vivek’s engagement was a celebration of love and elegance, set against a backdrop of delicate pastels. Their choice of a pastel theme for both attire and decor brought a dreamy, minimalistic charm to the event, perfectly captured by MoonWedlock. This special occasion marked the beginning of their journey towards a beautiful Christian wedding in Kerala.


Mariam and Vivek’s engagement was a visual feast of soft hues and subtle elegance. Mariam, radiant in a pastel pink dress, and Vivek, dapper in a light blue suit, embodied grace and sophistication. The serene ambiance of the venue, adorned with pastel florals and understated decor, created the perfect setting for their engagement.

MoonWedlock’s expertise in Christian engagement photography shone through, capturing the couple’s tender moments and genuine emotions. From the exchange of rings to the joyous celebrations with family and friends, each photograph tells a story of love, commitment, and the promise of a beautiful future together.

The pastel theme was not only reflected in their attire but also in the decor, which featured elegant floral arrangements and soft lighting that enhanced the dreamy atmosphere. The gentle color palette added a touch of romance and sophistication, making the event truly unforgettable.

Every frame captured by MoonWedlock highlights the couple’s unique love story and the intimate moments shared during their engagement. Mariam and Vivek’s choice of a pastel theme and the minimalistic yet dreamy setup have been beautifully immortalized in their engagement photos, setting the stage for their upcoming Christian wedding in Kerala.

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