15 Reasons Why Grooms Need Grooming

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The wedding day is a special day for all brides and grooms when they present themselves as an official couple in front of a big crowd.

Do you actually think that grooming is important only for the brides?

If yes, then you are absolutely wrong.

This is Ajay from Ajay’s MakeOver Artistry and I’m a professional makeover artist in Kerala. Not only have I worked with celebrities, I have also performed wedding makeovers for hundreds of couples over the last few years.

I’ve worked with some of the best wedding photographers in Kerala and they all say the same thing – grooms don’t have enough grooming.

Grooming the groom for their wedding day is not just about putting on makeup and standing before the crowd. It requires a complete series of grooming and makeover sessions starting at least 2 – 3 months before the wedding. After all, it’s your wedding day – not a family outing to a nearby park.

As the brides starts taking grooming sessions the groom should also be taking the sessions. You know that there will be that one drunk uncle or a cranky aunt who’ll say that the couple looks like they are just NOT made for each other.

But forget those people for a second, alright? The wedding pictures are going to be with your family for the rest of your life and beyond.

Do you want your wedding pictures to look like snapshots from ‘The Beauty and the Beast’? Yes, it’s still a fairytale. But you know what looks way better? Cinderella.

Each and every tiny thing you opt for while grooming is very much important.

You need to be careful about the food you eat, the use of topical products that you apply on skin, the haircut, and you should be exercising regularly.

Here is a quick list of things that you should take care of:

#1 Body/Face Wash

Always invest in a good cleanser for your skin. Use cleansers with scrub granules so that it can get rid of dead skin while you wash. This will get you clearer skin in just two weeks.

#2 Drink Enough Water

Your mom was right. Always keep hydrated. Hydrating your body will give a glow to your skin and drinking 8 glasses of water per day can help you get rid of toxins from your body and it can help reduce your stress.

#3 Use Sunscreen Lotions and Creams

Once you start your grooming session you should take care of your skin regularly by applying sunscreen lotions or creams which can help you avoid a skin tan. And choose creams with SPF 30+.

Pro tip: Test it out before you start using it regularly. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

#4 Get a Sharp Shave

Do NOT try a new shave on the wedding day. It may end up looking absolutely horrible. Just go by trial and error a few weeks in advance so that you can decide which look suits you best.

#5 Grooms Can Also Do the Eyebrows

You can define the shape of your eyebrows by doing the threading or plucking them with tweezers. And no, it’s not a girly thing. Both men and women shape their eyebrows. The difference is in the look – women go for a feminine look. You should go for a masculine look.

#6 Cut Your Hair At Least One Week Before the Wedding

Again, do not experiment with your hairstyle one the day of the wedding. Start figuring out exactly what kind of look you want as ahead of time as possible. This will depend slightly on how quickly your hair actually grows, of course, but have at least one week of buffer time.

#7 Make Your Nails Look Good and Clean

You can choose the services like manicure and pedicure to clean the nails of hands and feet. Get it shaped, get it cleaned. Don’t look like a caveman in a sherwani sitting next to the bride! You can also get a spa to make your hands and feet look fresh.

#8 Be Stress-Free

Speaking of spas, getting a massage or a body spa will help you relax and become stress free. Looking stress-free is an important part of any wedding look. Make no mistake, there will be a lot of stress to deal with on the day itself.

#9 Get a Whiter Smile

Get a teeth-whitening treatment from your favorite dentist so that you can smile with confidence. Yellow or stained teeth look very prominent on camera. That’s not what you want people to focus on, is it?

#10 Go For a Good Fragrance

No, don’t just put on a deodorant that you bought from the local pharmacy. We need you smell good. Not like a hospital. Get a good fragrance with an aroma-therapy effect. Some fragrances have the ability to relax our mind and body.

#11 Go Vegan for a Week Before the Wedding

Continuing on with the smelling good saga, you may stink very badly when you sweat. And who are we kidding? It’s a wedding. Everyone is going to sweat. The food that we eat affects how we smell when we sweat. Having a vegan diet will help you remove toxins from the body and you won’t stink as badly.

#12 Tone Your Body

Get a personal trainer to help you tone your body before wedding. Regular exercise can help you get a perfect skin. But even more importantly, you need to find a way to tuck in the belly fat. Don’t worry. We all know about it. Let’s focus on making you look handsome, now. OK?

#13 Never Ever Experiment…

… with new cosmetics on your skin, face, hair, or beard. At least, not anytime right before the wedding. You might be allergic to certain things. The last thing you need to worry about is a rash on your face. This is what we were talking about with the sunscreen as well.

#14 Find a Stylist to Get a Perfect Outfit for Your Wedding

Did you honestly think that women are the only people who have to shop for wedding outfits? Look, you’ll be making calls to a bunch of people as it is and you’re going to end up carrying a shopping bag full of things that you’ll never use. Do yourself a favor – take the pressure of having to think about what to wear. Hire a stylist and just get a good outfit made.

#15 Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding day

Alright, now that you have 14 tips to look better that you’ll forget to remember anyway, let’s give you door number 2! Hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day. Trust me. It’s going to take away a LOT of hassle from your schedule. If you like, you can just give me a call!

Wrapping Up

There is one last pro tip that we’d like to leave with you – hire a good wedding photographer in Kerala for your weddings as well. The best wedding photographers will make sure that you look amazing on your special day. If you’re looking to hire a team of really great wedding photographers, you can look up MoonWedlock in Kerala.

Do share this post if you found it helpful and be sure to leave a comment below with any and all questions that you might have.

Until next time!

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