Guruvayur Wedding Elegance: Celebrating the unique elegance of Cibilu and Ananth’s special day in Guruvayur. Frames crafted by MoonWedlock, the best in Guruvayur wedding photography.

Cibilu and Ananth

Feb 2024, Guruvayur

Guruvayur Wedding Elegance: Cibilu & Ananth's Fairytale captured by MoonWedlock

Steeped in the rich traditions and bathed in the ethereal glow of Guruvayur Temple, Cibilu and Ananth’s wedding unfolded like a fairytale. MoonWedlock, the best Guruvayur wedding photographer, was there to capture every magical moment of their once-in-a-lifetime celebration.


MoonWedlock’s skilled photographers transformed the sacred atmosphere of Guruvayur into a canvas for Cibilu and Ananth’s love story. Cibilu, a vision of grace in her intricately designed Kerala Kasavu saree, and Ananth, looking regal in his traditional attire, exuded a timeless elegance that perfectly complemented the spiritual setting.

The focus of the shoot was on capturing the emotions and traditions that make a Guruvayur wedding so unique. MoonWedlock’s creative vision documented the intricate details of the melam (traditional percussion ensemble) procession, the heartwarming exchange of garlands, and the blessings bestowed by the temple priests. Candid moments of laughter shared with loved ones, stolen glances filled with love, and the quiet joy that radiated from the couple – each moment was beautifully preserved through MoonWedlock’s exceptional lens.

MoonWedlock’s photographers weren’t just there for the ceremony. They captured the vibrant energy that flowed throughout the entire celebration. From the infectious laughter of friends and family sharing stories to the pure joy on Cibilu and Ananth’s faces as they danced the night away, MoonWedlock’s exceptional lens documented every heartwarming moment. Each stolen glance, every embrace, and every celebratory toast – these are the pictures that will tell the story of Cibilu and Ananth’s unforgettable wedding day.

More than just capturing visuals, MoonWedlock became silent storytellers, preserving the timeless elegance and heartfelt emotions of Cibilu and Ananth’s Guruvayur wedding for generations to come.

Photography: MoonWedLock Wedding Company, Kochi
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