Kerala Christian Wedding Elegance: Angel and Benhur's Marthomma Orthodox Christian wedding was a beautiful mix of tradition and a joyous family celebration

Angel and Benhur'

Feb 2024, Kerala

Kerala Christian Wedding Elegance: Captured by the Best Christian Wedding Photographer

Wrapped in the warm embrace of tradition and overflowing with joyous family celebration, Angel and Benhur’s Marthωμα (Mar Thoma) Orthodox Christian wedding was a day to cherish forever. MoonWedlock, a premium Christian wedding photography company in Kerala, was there to capture the essence of their beautiful union.


MoonWedlock’s skilled photographers meticulously documented the elegance and heartfelt emotions that unfolded throughout the wedding day.

The focus of the shoot was on the joy and love that permeated the atmosphere. MoonWedlock captured the tender exchange of vows, the heartwarming congratulations from family and friends, and the infectious laughter that filled the air. Every tear of happiness, every stolen glance, and every celebratory dance move – each moment was frozen in time through MoonWedlock’s exceptional lens.

Beyond the heartwarming ceremony, MoonWedlock beautifully captured the vibrant energy of the wedding reception. The infectious laughter of friends and family, the joy of the first dance as a married couple, and the heartwarming toasts filled with love – each moment was frozen in time through MoonWedlock’s exceptional lens.

More than just capturing visuals, MoonWedlock became silent storytellers, preserving the timeless beauty and deep emotions of Angel and Benhur’s Christian wedding for generations to come.

Photography: MoonWedLock Wedding Company, Kochi
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