A Jain Fairytale Wedding: Eternal Unity

Akanksha & Snehith

December 2022

Jain Wedding Photography


Akanksha and Snehith’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of unity and togetherness. The couple exchanged vows in a traditional Jain ceremony, surrounded by family and friends, who showered them with blessings and good wishes. The bride’s intricately designed red and gold lehenga and the groom’s elegant golden sherwani made for a stunning sight. The couple’s union was marked by the sacred ritual of “Mangal Pheras” where they took seven rounds around the holy fire, symbolizing the seven promises they made to each other. The couple’s love and commitment to each other shone bright, and the joyous occasion was a reminder that unity and togetherness are the pillars of a happy marriage. It was truly a celebration of two souls uniting in eternity.

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