ntimate Engagement in Palakkad: Celebrating Malayalam serial actress Haritha Nair's engagement with Sanoj

Haritha and Sanoj

Feb 2024, Palakkad

Intimate Engagement in Palakkad: Celebrating Malayalam serial actress Haritha Nair's engagement with Sanoj.

Under the warm glow of fairy lights and surrounded by the love of close family and friends, Malayalam serial actress Haritha Nair and Sanoj embarked on their happily ever after with a beautiful engagement ceremony in Palakkad. MoonWedlock, the go-to photographer for celebrity weddings, was there to capture the magic of their intimate celebration.


MoonWedlock’s skilled photographers discreetly documented the joy and tenderness that filled the air during Haritha and Sanoj’s engagement ceremony. The couple’s genuine happiness radiated through every candid moment – stolen glances, heartwarming laughter, and the emotional exchange of rings. MoonWedlock’s artistic vision transformed the intimate setting into a canvas for their love story.

Beyond the formal ceremony, MoonWedlock captured the warmth and camaraderie between Haritha, Sanoj, and their loved ones. From heartfelt congratulations exchanged with family to lively conversations shared with friends, every moment was beautifully preserved. These candid photographs weave a narrative of pure joy and excitement for the couple’s future together.

More than just capturing visuals, MoonWedlock became silent storytellers, preserving the intimate charm and heartfelt emotions of Haritha and Sanoj’s engagement for them to cherish forever.

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