Finest Kerala Wedding Reception Photography - Le Meridien

Karthik & Roshani
Best Kerala Wedding Reception Photography
Karthik & Roshni are a young, beautiful, sunny couple, really very romantic and they have chosen a terrific location.

Le Meridien, Kochi is an enchanted place … a perfect combination for an unforgettable day!

It was nice to be part of the story of Karthik & Roshni, getting married in this location was a perfect choice, it allowed to transform every emotion of that day into a spell that is sometimes dreamy, sometimes real. There was spontaneity, wide smiles, happy tears. There was emotion during the most intense moments of the promises …

In this marriage there was everything for Moonwedlock. The joy and the accelerated heartbeats, the union and the sense of love, the serenity of a couple and family, We felt part of a big hug and that magic We will never forget.